NCC Minelli stefano Noleggio Con Conducente has in its fleet new and top-of-the-range cars, to allow the customer comfort and safety at the highest level. All Mercedes brand cars to guarantee luxury and elegance guaranteed by the German house

Mercedes S-Class

Modern luxury and first-class comfort reach unprecedented levels in the S-Class. This car is truly the ideal retreat for all those who are looking for more in a car than just a means of transport.
The innovative functions give life to for comfort guarantee an exceptional experience, both for the driver and for the passengers.
Equipped with high-resolution screens, with wi-fi on board to make your trip both for pleasure and for unforgettable work.

Mercedes E-Class

Its elegant line is evident. Perfect for your every move. Precious materials, innovative technology and even more comfort: the passenger compartment of the E-Class Sedan brings together everything that can make your daily life better, you can use the on-board wi-fi during your trip whether it is for work or pleasure.

Mercedes V-Class

A seven-seater multivan, but with all the comforts of a car, precious materials, innovative technology, here too you can take advantage of the on-board wi-fi service for any type of journey or requirement.